Forget the Patio Furniture; Express Yourself with the Best Spray Paints for Artists

Spray paint was first invented in 1887 by Joseph Binks, a maintenance supervisor at Chicago’s Marshall Field’s Wholesale Store. Looking for a faster way to paint the basement walls of the store, Binks developed a cold-water paint spray machine operated via hand pump. In 1949 Edward Seymour developed the first paint compressed in an aerosol can (he credited his wife with the idea). Used to paint graffiti, street art, murals, stencils and, yes, patio furniture, spray paint is a useful medium that cuts down on painting time. Browse our selection of the best spray paints below.

1. Montana Black Popular Colors

Montana’s set of a dozen 400-milliliter cans of spray paint features the brand’s most popular colors: lime green, red, medium blue, dark blue, burgundy, fuchsia, Kelly green, black, lavender, white, orange, and gray. These cans contain highly pressurized paint designed for use in graffiti art and murals. The paint dries fast, gives full coverage, and can withstand winter weather. Note: shake the can until you

suggested price $85.50

2. Loop Colors Graffiti Spray Paint

Loop Colors’ spray paint is available in 70 vibrant colors. Handcrafted in Italy, it is an odor-free, nontoxic, 100 percent acrylic resin paint that gives high coverage and goes on smooth. Quick drying, moisture resistant, and smudge proof, this paint won’t drip or crack. Loop’s 400-milliliter cans feature an adjustable valve system that can spray at both high and low pressures. The nebulizer spray ensures high precision, and the ergonomic graffiti nozzle gives optimal control. These paints are formulated to be environmentally friendly and contain no lead or other heavy metals.

suggested price $6.00

3. Liquitex Professional Spray Paint

Formulated for fine artists, Liquitex’s spray paint is somewhat pricey but of the same high quality as the brand’s other products. Lightfast and highly pigmented, this opaque matte paint is available in a full range of traditional artist’s colors and is compatible with the Liquitex’s other acrylic colors and mediums. The paint is water-based, which means it is low odor, and less toxic than most spray paints. It cleans up easily with water when wet but is water resistant when dry (though we don’t recommend it for outdoor use).

suggested price $11.62

4. Montana MTN 94 Popular Colors

Another excellent product from Montana, this extremely user-friendly paint is lower pressure than Montana Black, which means the spray can be can be controlled easily even by novice street artists. Mist, blend, then go back in for the detail work with this ultramatte, super fast–drying paint.

suggested price $99.88

5. Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch

Once the go-to spray paint for grafitti writers, Rust-Oleum has lagged behind European companies like Montana in catering specifically to street artists and muralists. But with numerous ways to hack the standard Rust-Oleum cap to make a fatter or thinner line, this high-performance offering from the venerable brand is notable for its durability. If you want your piece to last, go with the Rusto.

suggested price $12.69

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