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  • Art & Culture in The United States

    Art & Culture in The United States

    Art is a substantial part of the culture of the United States because it stated its liberty in 1776. The oldest art memorial and art school in the country was exposed in 1805 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is still running today. Whether arising from the many notable academic institutions. Or established from experimentation and outside […]

  • Jeanette Innala Abstract Artist

    Jeanette Innala Abstract Artist

    Artist Jeanette Innala Discover the Strong Resonating Spectra Colors Artist Jeanette Innala combines various techniques such as instance traditional painting, the utilization of printer and resin, electronic adding, and several mediums. This gives her perform a distinctive linguistic palette and particular trademark that is key to every piece. Jeanette Innala was born in SkellefteĆ„ Sweden, […]