Artistic Shots in Jaco’, Costa Rica


Colorful chairs lined up in front of a food stall, battered surf boards piled up waiting for the next adventurer, a huge macaw flying out of a mural, a crazy pink octopus inviting me to come on out few more steps to the beach. Droplets of water forming an arc over my head, greenish gray roots supporting a strange seed pod, a giant beetle inviting me to shop unique arts and hand crafted items. Everywhere flowers and trees inspire. And of course the sea. ever changing and bring forth its treasures of rock, coral and shells.

These are some of the sights that awaited me in Jaco (pronounced Hock- O). I booked my place without knowing much about the town, other than it was near the beach. I was going mostly on location and price. ( That is how I found the Bohio Surf Hostel. The hostel is tucked between a restaurant and a bar and it looks like the whole thing is growing out of a beautiful pink bougainvillea plant. When I was shown to my room, we went through a good size garden with outdoors showers, picnic tables and greenery. I was told “you can smoke anything you want here.” (!!) The common areas had a kitchen, porch and pool. I had a private room located right by the garden. There was the nearly constant thunk of music coming from either the bar or the common area where there was a speaker set up. The music did not bother me but I did find out two of the reasons for the low room cost was no AC and no hot water… a fan alleviated one problem and the warm days made it so that a nice cool shower was welcome.

There was a lively atmosphere with the music and mostly young people staying there. They were there to surf and that is what they did. They came from all over the world to ride the waves. I am a beachcomber so I stick to the shore. And every evening, like a ritual, I join the visitors and locals in walking down to the beach to watch the sun fall behind the horizon. It is mesmerizing, colors shooting out to the clouds in a glorious and ever-changing sunset.

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