Month: August 2020

Stay safe when you travel

Stay safe when you travel and Every Day The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends following these steps to protect yourself and others when you travel: Maintain a distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between you and others as much as possible. Avoid contact with anyone who is sick Limit contact with frequently …

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“Is Life Under the Sun not Just a Dream” by Photographer Rocco Venezia

Rocco Venezia is an Italian visual artist and curator working primarily with photography. His work is inspired by his interest in literature, as well as European political and socioeconomic circumstances. With his series, “Is Life Under the Sun not Just a Dream”, Venezia reflects on questions posed by Peter Handke in his poem, ‘Song of …

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Costa Rica Art Vacations

Costa Rica has quietly been growing in the art world, but in recent years there has been even more of a developing art community. While this country is heavily influenced by Pre-Columbia art, artists that are indigenous and those that have elected to move to Costa Rica are producing new and exciting works of art. …

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Inuit Eskimo Art As Investments

Inuit Eskimo Art As Investments Many people collect Inuit art as investments. Interest in Inuit art is growing internationally but it has been suggested that the number of actual Inuit artists are actually declining. The creation of the Nunavut government which represents Canada’s third official territory, has resulted in many new employment opportunities for the …

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The Modern Art Movements

“What distinguishes modern art from the art of other ages is criticism.” -Octavio Paz The Modern Art movements can be said to have begun in the mid 19th century. Up until this point, the artists of the world focused their artwork on realistic depictions of the world around them. They made their living solely on …

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Airbrush Art Paints

When doing airbrush art there are many types of paints that you can use. The type of paint that you use will depend on what you are airbrushing. Some paints can only be used on certain surfaces and are not safe to use on other surfaces. So make sure the paint you are using is …

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